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For over 80 years, Mr. Christmas has been an industry leader in creating, designing and marketing innovative mechanical and musical decorations. Our Mechanical Collectibles feature quality materials, realistic animation, and our proprietary arrangements of classic holiday and year-round songs. We use sophisticated technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification and custom microchips. In addition, we design each Mr. Christmas and Gold Label piece in great detail to remain a special part of your Holiday Season or home decoration for years to come.


  • Innovative Product Development: We are committed to introducing new and different products each year as well as new variations on Holiday traditions.
  • Quality Construction: Our products are designed by our own engineers. Each is constructed of high quality materials and undergoes stringent testing throughout all developmental stages as well as ongoing random testing during production by independent testing labs.
  • Detailing: The exquisite detail found in each item is unsurpassed in this industry. Careful attention is paid to sculpting, scale and coloration.
  • Quality Music: We do not use "stock" music chips readily available in the industry. We arrange our own music, resulting in high quality sounding custom micro chips that can be found only in our products.

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