Complete Outdoor Home Theater

Complete Outdoor Home Theater

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NEW FOR 2018 - Create your own outdoor home theater...perfect for movie night, parties, tailgating and camping! Outdoor entertainment for the whole family! The all-in-one-kit includes a super bright projector, wireless speaker, remote control, 90" collapsible screen and stand bundled into a sturdy carrying case. All components are weatherproof. Stream your favorite movies and events. Cast your home movies directly from your mobile device. Play directly from your laptop or player. Easy setup and storage.

Screen approximately 90" diagonally

Case pack 1; Packaged in carrying case


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Q: Where can I buy the Mr. Drive-In Complete Outdoor Home Theater?

A: To purchase locally, please go to our store locator and input your zip code, item number 61362 and the search distance in our store locator. If the kit is not available from a local retailer, please visit,, Improvements catalog, or Fingerhut catalog for similar kits.

Q: What does the kit include?

A: The kit includes:
- Projector in housing
- Adaptor
- Remote control
- Bluetooth speaker
- USB mouse for navigating web menus
- USB cable for charging Bluetooth speaker
- AV wire for Bluetooth speaker
- Projection Screen
- Bungies x 6
- Stakes x 4
- Hooks with strings x 4
- Non‐removable hinged poles x 2
- Pole assembly for screen setup

Q: What apps are included in the kit?

A: Depending on your country, we have preloaded Netflix and Hulu. Note that a subscription is required to use those apps and is not included.

Q: How can I contact support?

A: You can reach the support line at 1-833-673-4834.

Q: Can I use this outdoors?

A: Yes, the Mr. Drive-In Complete Outdoor Home Theater was designed for outdoor or indoor use.

Q: Is it difficult to set up?

A: Setup is simple and only take a few minutes! View our setup video here.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: The Mr. Drive-In Complete Outdoor Home Theater was designed to be waterproof and will be fine in the rain or other normal weather conditions. Though outdoor safe, it should never be immersed in water. Standard operating temperatures range is 0 degrees C / 32 degrees F to 40 degrees C / 104 degrees F.

Q: How big is the screen?

A: The projection screen is 90" diagonally, 79" wide and 45" tall.

Q: Is the screen wrinkle resistant?

A: Yes, the projection screen is made of a wrinkle-release synthetic fabric. If stored for long periods, a few minutes in the dryer will release any wrinkles.

Q: How bright is it?

A: The Mr. Drive-In Complete Outdoor Home Theater produces 1200 Lumens.

Q: Can I play my own videos?

A: Mirror from your smart device using Miracast. You can also connect your device via the USB or HDMI ports using your adaptor or dongle, not included.

Q: Can I play DVD's?

A: Connect your DVD player or other devices to the HDMI port (HDMI cable not included).

Q: What types of ports does it include?

A: The Mr. Drive-In Complete Outdoor Home Theater includes HDMI, USB, VGA and Audio In ports.

Q: Can I attach a mouse or keyboard?

A: The included mouse makes it easier to navigate through the menus and is required for some apps. A keyboard can be connected to the 2nd USB port for typing passwords or web browsing, though it is not required.

Q: Do I need to attach a keyboard?

A: A keyboard is not required as most menus have pop up keyboards, but it can make your user experience quicker.

Q: Do I need Wifi to watch movies?

A: A Wifi connection is not necessary. The speaker can be connected using the included cord and a DVD player can be connected to play movies.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the speaker?

A: The Bluetooth speaker has a capacity of 2000mAh.

Q: Can I connect my own speakers?

A: Yes, you can pair any Bluetooth device or connect via the audio jacks.

Q: How can I make the image fit the screen?

A: We recommend moving your projector about 8 feet back and elevating it as much as possible. Make sure the projector is directly facing the screen and is centered. Use the included foot extender to elevate the image and adjust the Keystone dial to make the image fit the screen better.

Q: Can I change the aspect ratio?

A: Yes, select between 16:9 or 4:3.

Q: Why won't my phone play a movie using Airpin or Miracast?

A: Copyrighted material will not stream via those apps. Stream directly from app downloaded onto the Android operating system such as Netflix or Hulu or connect via USB or HDMI using an adaptor or dongle, not included.

Q: How can I troubleshoot an issue with a device I've connected using a HDMI cable?

A: DVD players, speakers and other devices have specific settings required when plugged into other devices. Please review the user manual for the attached device. A common required setting for DVD players is to navigate to "Audio (HDMI)" in "HDMI set up" and select "PCM."

Q: Is the Theater iMac compatible?

A: If the iMac has the ability to add another display besides the included monitor, the answer is yes. Purchase a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable to connect with the projector and switch the display to it.

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