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Adaptor - 9vDC/600mA $12.00 Add Adaptor - 9vDC/600mA to Cart
Adaptor - 6vDC/1200mA $12.00 Add Adaptor - 6vDC/1200mA to Cart
Item #: 19870
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A traditional carousel with three tiers of animation and faceted, mirrored center column. Hand painted animals move up and down under the LED spotlights as the carousel turns and 25 Christmas carols and 25 year-round classics play. Adapter operated (6vDC 1200mA included.)

Size: Approximately 10 1/2" in diameter

Case pack 2; Retail gift packaging


Production prior to 2016 included a 9VDC 600mA adaptor.

Unit stopped movingTurntable obstructedRemove obstruction.
Figures do not moveMechanism obstructed or stuckRemove obstruction. Gently push the figure to start it moving.
No motion and music"POWER/SONGS SELECT" switch switch is offTurn "POWER/SONGS SELECT" switch to "CHRISTMAS CAROLS" or "YEAR-ROUND SONGS" position.
Music too loud, too soft, or no musicVolume control incorrectly adjustedAdjust volume control.
Figures move, lights work, but no music playsUnit needs to be restartedTurn "POWER/SONGS SELECT" switch to "OFF" for a few seconds then back to "CHRISTMAS CAROLS" or "YEAR-ROUND SONGS" position.
No motion and musicNo powerMake sure the adaptor pin is saeted securely in unit jack and adaptor is plugged into a working outlet.

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